About VCMC

About VCMC

The Victorian Catchment Management Council (VCMC) is the State Government’s key advisory body on catchment management. As an independent, expert body, the Council is well placed to influence change in working towards its vision for catchment management in Victoria, taking a statewide, long-term and strategic view.

VCMC’s Vision: Victoria will have healthy rivers flowing through ecologically sustainable and productive catchments.

The VCMC is appointed under the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994 (CaLP Act). Its major statutory roles are: to advise the Minister for the Environment and the Minister for Water, and any other Minister as requested, on land and water management issues; to report annually on the operation of the CaLP Act; and to report every five years on the environmental condition and management of Victoria's land and water resources, through the VCMC Catchment Condition Report.

Alana Johnson, VCMC Chair

Chair's Message

2020 has been a tumultuous year for all Victorians. The VCMC has farewelled both its Executive Officer, Patricia Geraghty, and Chair, Angus Hume. I am pleased to have been appointed as Chair to lead the VCMC until the end of this current term in October 2021. I would also like to thank Angus and Patricia for their long and extremely valuable contribution to both the VCMC and catchment management more generally over a long period of time. They will both be sorely missed.

The VCMC has decided to focus on three things for the remainder of this term:
  • Bushfire recovery
  • Forging a closer relationship between catchment management and agriculture
  • Starting the development of the next Catchment Condition and Management Report, due in 2022

We look forward to working with our partners in DELWP, CMAs and other agencies as we focus on these important pieces of work over the next twelve months.

Alana Johnson, Chair